Fornasetti Candle - Star Lina


One of the latest designs from Fornasetti's Themes and Variations collection, Lina Cavalieri is seen adorning a star around her right eye.  On one side of the candle she looks modest with a simple star, but as you flip the candle you are faced with a bold version of Lina. Here she is sticking her tongue out at you, embellished with a tongue ring yet still bearing the same star on her eye. Two versions of the same woman.

Infused with the brand's signature 'Otto' scent, Fornasetti's 'Star Lina' vegetable wax candle has a deeply aromatic fragrance – it blends top notes of sweet Lavender with warm and spicy Thyme and Cedarwood. The handcrafted ceramic vessel is a celebration of artist Piero Fornasetti's paintings of the opera singer and muse Lina Cavalieri.

A fragrance made exclusively in Grasse, France

Dimensions 15H x 9 dia., 300g

Burn time: approximately 50-60 hours

Complimentary shipping within New Zealand