EDRA - Essential Sofa

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It is a primary sofa, contained in size. It is “flexible” because, thanks to the “smart”cushion, it can shape itself to all possible uses. It is adaptable, because it consists of several sections. It is cozy, to stimulate the encounter between people. In one word, it is elegant. Its elegance transcends emotion. It is objective, sober and essential.
“Sofas are interesting objects. I like to design them because it is the site in the house where you exercise an interpersonal relationship that results in a physical activity that keeps track of behavioral changes. Sofas are small soft architectures. All the sofas I designed for Edra tell the story of changes in human behavior. They are rooted in a particular era and yet timeless, because not influenced by trends. Today, in my opinion, people feel denuded in this huge, global and very conformist space. As a result of this, very basic needs, such as the need for roots, grow. We return to the essentials, but with the availability of new and sophisticated technologies and an evolution in their use.”

Francesco Binfaré