EDRA - Sherazade Sofa by Francesco Binfare

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Relax in the total absence of constraints, inspired by oriental influences. Comfort assured by the softness of the rectangular sommier padded in Gellyfoam®, accompanied by a series of supports of different thickness: two triangular Thai cushions to use as back supports, two large square pillows as enveloping backrests, one rectangular and one cylinder as soft armrests.

In the absence of a rigid division between left and right, front and back, the configuration is free to satisfy the desires of the moment: from formal sitting to a big bed, from face to face to the most comfortable positions for reading and resting. Structure of honeycomb wood. Gellyfoam® and synthetic wadding. Cushion/backrests ballasted internally and equipped with undercover braking.

Removable covers ranging from soft velvets to brilliant lamé. The Odalisque version is a limited edition with high-quality fabric designed by Francesco Binfaré, inspired by the rugs used by Eastern civilizations and built with 300 hours to develop the design for the loom.